Vehicle Mobile Workshops

German ALUCA aluminium module systems or constructed and manufactured workshops by PINOLE.


ALUCA systems advantages and success formula:

  • ALUCA systems are developed combining fresh ideas with contemporary  technologies,  professionalism, diligence and optimum usage of materials.
  • All around the europe enterprises choose aluminium equipping for mobile workshops.
  • ALUCA  systems ensure order in your vehicle – everything is kept in the  right place. Work within such conditions is performed much easier and quicker.  Each vehicle that is equipped with ALUCA system is considered by every detail.  Quality and endurance of materials provides possibility to replace the installed system on other vehicle.

ALUCA systems are half lighter than equivalent metal systems that allows to exploit vehicle more effectively.


ALUCA dimension2 creates order and turns commercial vehicles into miracles of space.
100% aluminium: extremely lightweight and sturdy. Maximum vehicle payload with minimum empty weight.



The facts:

  • 4 widths, 8 depths and 5 heights
  • Drawers with heavy-duty rails
  • Drawer distribution load of up to 80 kg
  • Adjustable dividers and compartment walls
  • Central locking mechanism and safety latch
  • Drawer runner can be divided
  • Top panel distribution load of up to 700 kg
  • Crush protection




Crash test





MasterVW T5 longName

PINOLE constructed and maunafctured workshop advantages:

  • PINOLE manufactured mobile workshops are constructed according to each customer individual requirments.

Experience of the employees and available equipment provide solutions for any nonstandard order, that module sistems are not able to ensure.


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